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Angela Jenner   Dip. Couns. MBACP (Registered)

Why Jasmine?

The Legend of Jasmine

The outspread of Jasmine is related to the legend of Cupid. In an attempt to protect his prized possession, a land owner in Tuscany forbade anyone from taking a single cutting from his Jasmine plant. However with Cupid’s encouragement the land owner’s gardener stole a branch of jasmine to include in a bouquet, that he sent his mistress for her birthday. The mistress was so overcome by the beauty and fragrance of the bouquet that she agreed to wed the gardener, and Cupid prevailed. To this day Tuscan tradition dictates that a Jasmine flower is included in every bride’s bouquet.

Modern Day Uses

Jasmine is used for traditional medicinal and health treatments to promote wellness, inner peace and positivity.

Herbalists use Jasmine to treat various ailments such as headaches, bone pain and insomnia.

Jasmine tea is said to have spiritual powers. The tea is made by resting tea leaves next to fresh Jasmine blossoms, which are powerfully scented, thus aromatically flavouring the tea.

It is a valuable remedy in cases of depression because is produces feelings of confidence, optimism and euphoria. Revitalising and restoring the balance of energy.

Thanks to its relaxing qualities Jasmine is also used in Aromatherapy, in essential oils, scented candles and Incense.

Jasmine is widely considered to be one of the most exotic and wonderful of all scents and remains central to the perfume industry, as it has done for many years.

About Me

I have grown Jasmine for many years and personally love the unique scent that carries into my house every evening during the flowering season.

It was also chosen by my eldest daughter as a middle name for her younger sister and therefore seemed the perfect choice for my counselling concern, already being of special significance within my life.